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About Intercollegiate Eventing
  • In 2014, the United States Eventing Association (USEA) began officially supporting the intercollegiate eventing movement
  •  May of 2016 saw the very first Intercollegiate Championship being held at the Virginia Horse Trials
  •  As of Spring 2017, there are over 20 Intercollegiate Eventing Teams around the country ranging from here at NC State all the way to Oregon State University  
2019-2020 Members

Katie Younce, President

Hannah Tyler, Vice President

Lexi Field, Treasurer

Samantha Garnett, Secretary

Miranda Levin, Marketing and Team Gear

Maddie Edwards, Event/Volunteer Coordinator

Mikayla Mather, Social Media Manager

Emily Dressler

Megan Von Canon

Casey Sanders

Caroline Williams

Kyndalyn Powell

Sydney Jones

Ashley Williams - Alumni

Nicole Thomas - Alumni

Undergraduate Alumni

Sarah Davidson (F'17)

Matt Jenkins (S'18)
Ashley Hall (S'18)
Maddy Pipitone (S'18)​  
Liza Bunce (F'18)
Jenna Marrocco (S'19)
Ashlan Jolley (S'19)
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